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 I want to live til 120. Il Chi Lee


Society currently associates ageing with disease but what if we can continue to thrive. The Tibetan monk 

 Il Chi Lee claims he wants to live until 120. His philosophy and science shows us we can live far longer with full health and vitality!

Our modern day stresses are not being eaten by predators but are a result of time constraint, finances and pressure. Some cultures have adapted to live well over 100 and still enjoy active lifestyles. We have the tools to change our current behaviour and reset our course. 

With 1 out of 2 people expected to be diagnosed with a form of cancer in the next decade and only 5-7% of these being genetically linked, it shows the effects of diet, toxic exposure, water quality, breathing correctly and self care is to our health and well-being. 

Our ability to cleanse our own engines is not considered imperative in the west but toxic load and poor liver function is related to illness.

It is time to ring the changes and understand nutrition and lifestyle and how it affects your wellbeing.  

Biohackers are showing us we can change our predicted path of ageing by implementing lifestyle and dietary changes that will alter our predicted course.  

 Whether you have been diagnosed with an illness, are going through or about to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, we can prepare and support you in order to feel stronger and less compromised by the toll of medications.   


 Using tools such as breath work, hyperbaric oxygen, infrared light, nutritional consultations, cooking demonstration, plant based food, supplementation, yoga and meditation, combined with a love of sharing knowledge we ensure the tools will stay with you long after you leave.



Meet the team


Naturopathic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher

I found myself with stage three kidney disease at the age of 38 and an advocate of health from my teenage years. I had  packed my juicer when I moved from my Australian home to the UK 30 years ago but with a young family and my ow  business I had stopped  looking after my own wellbeing.

Sadly I was advised there was nothing I could do to reverse the situation. So with  a background in pharmacology and physiology, basically the body and how drugs affect it I knew I needed to heal myself. This journrney took several yers but I managed to restore my kidneys to  normal function. I was inspired to study Naturopathic Nutrition for three years  and Yoga in India and Spain for 6 weeks in order to support and educate others on the impact of diet and stress on our wellbeing. I am passionate about health and the ability to reverse illness with diet and wish to share this knowledge so we  can thrive and live an energetic and vibrant life.


Breathwork Meditation and Motivation

 Your morning classes will harmonise strength and flexibility through breath led seamless movement meditation with a touch of creativity.  Mike will lead you through a Grounding, Tapping and Moving Meditation with Healing Sounds.  Designed to get you into your body and prepare you for the day.  An evening practice of guided meditation will help to restore mind and sleep peacefully. Great for the body, wonderful for the soul.



Welcome to Wellness
13th-15th March 2020

This weekend is designed to give you a taste of reversing ageing and ailments associated with it. The sessions will regenerate health and wellbeing, reduce stress, boost immunity and regenerate cells.  A preventative measure is in place to avoid virus contamination and all visitors are required to use the Nebuliser on arrival. It is an action packed weekend which will leave you with. improved digestion, sleep and feeling vibrant.

The weekend will include

  • Hot Cold therapy

  • Infra red Light therapy 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber

  • Breath work

  • yoga/ Pilates

  • Tai Chi

  • Meditation

  • Steam and Scrub (time permitting)

  • Nutritional consultations

  • Nutritious vegetarian meals ( sadly this is a alcohol, meat and coffee free weekend)

  • Accommodation

  • Yoga/meditation clothing

  • Pre weekend questionnaire





With 80% of the feel transmitter, Serotonin made in out digestive tract, we can scientifically link our diet to todays illnesses such as autoimmune, cancers, anxiety and depression.  As a  Naturopathic Nutrition therapist I work with local chefs using seasonal fresh plant based foods and a wheat, sugar and dairy free menu that is both anti inflammatory, delicious and packed with essential micro and macro nutrients. Utilising thoughtfully sourced local and mostly organic produce, we aim to nourish you and maximise your vitality, energy levels and wellness. Recipes and nutritional information will be provided for guests to recreate dishes at home in order to continue on their wellness journey. Our ethos is not only to give you a more healthy well balanced experience but to provide you with the tools to incorporate these principles back into everyday life.


Stress is one of the major causes in the decline of our health today. Science has shown that unless we actively reduce our stress we do not reduce the surge of hormones produced in stressful situations. Living life in fight or flight mode means stress hormones like Cortisol remain in circulation thus trapping us in our Sympathetic nervous system. Not only is this detrimental to our physical and mental health it’s also a main cause of premature ageing. Yoga is an ancient tool used to quieten the mind and care for the body. By incorporating breath led movement sequences and poses specifically designed to open we prepare the body to meditate. A Dynamic Vinyasa Flow practice will begin your day, activating our fire element, increasing motivation and placing us right in the present moment. A deeply restorative Yin practice will bring your day to a close, with an opportunity to delve deeper into reducing tension with mio-facial release and observe your thoughts in this profound, disciplined practice.

Breath led movement meditation gives us an opportunity to ground in the here and now, shifting the mind from the past or future. Expect to experience better sleeping patterns, efficient digestion, ease in body and mind and reduced signs of ageing from the inside out. 

Richie Bostock aka thebreathguy will lead us through a guided 90 minute breathwork session, Kathy Richardson, a magical yoga and Barre teacher will take us on a yoga journey from Yin to Vinyasa 

Tom Goldblyth will share his Eastern philosophy with a 90 minute Tai Chi practice. 


Grounding on the Earth is one of the most effective ways of reducing inflammation. We use this time in the mornings to come into our body before we start the day. This brings the body into a Parasympathetic state to remove the stress or fight or flight and allows us to start the day being Mindful and with purpose. Using various techniques from Ancient Chinese wisdom.






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