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Nourishment, Balance & Vitality

Mykonos 4th-9th June 2019


Balance Retreats is a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing Nutrition, Education and Yoga that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

     With an emphasis on restoring the microbiome with probiotics and nutritional support we have collaborated with Rhythmhealth to use the highest level live bacteria on the market to restore your gut. Cleansing the liver with castor oil packs and providing a nutritionally dense diet our delicious Mediterranean plant based menu will detoxify and re-nourish, maximise vitality, energy and wellbeing whilst ensuring you leave equipped for a healthier lifestyle.

     Our balanced schedule of up to 3 classes daily of dynamic & deeply restorative yoga, meditation and body conditioning personalised by our yoga teacher to accommodate all levels, will allow you to turn your gaze internally and reconnect with your body.

      Balance Retreats hand picks only the most special locations to hold retreats. Each retreat will vary slightly, but what stays consistent is that the time is for you.  With our nutritional consultations, cooking demos and workshops, combined with a love of sharing knowledge we are certain the experience will stay with you long after you leave 


4TH-9TH JUNE 2019

Self Love & the Cycladic Seas





Meet the team


Naturopathic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher

Bridget has been an advocate of health for many years, even dragging her juicer from her Australian home to the UK 30 years ago. Watching people eating badly and falling ill inspired her to train in order to support and educate others on the importance of diet. Bridget completed Yoga and Yin yoga teacher training and with a background in Pharmacology and Physiology is about to complete a degree in Naturopathic Nutrition. She is passionate about health and the ability to reverse illness with diet so people can thrive and live an energetic life.


Yoga Teacher, Conditioning Instructor

Kathy is passionate about the benefits Yoga offers for the mind and body. Her journey with Yoga began as a way of enhancing and complimenting her training as a professional dancer and soon became evermore inspired by the depth and potential of this ancient practice. As a qualified Barre instructor and anatomy fanatic, Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge rooted with over 15 years of working with the body in motion. Your morning classes will harmonise strength and flexibility through breath led seamless movement meditation with a touch of creativity. An evening practice of Yin, Yoga Nidra or guided meditation will help to restore muscles and mind and sleep peacefully. Great for the body, wonderful for the soul.





With 80% of the feel transmitter, Serotonin made in out digestive tract, we can scientifically link our diet to todays illnesses such as autoimmune, cancers, anxiety and depression.  As a  Naturopathic Nutrition therapist I work with local chefs using seasonal fresh plant based foods and a wheat, sugar and dairy free menu that is both anti inflammatory, delicious and packed with essential micro and macro nutrients. Utilising thoughtfully sourced local and mostly organic produce, we aim to nourish you and maximise your vitality, energy levels and wellness. Recipes and nutritional information will be provided for guests to recreate dishes at home in order to continue on their wellness journey. Our ethos is not only to give you a more healthy well balanced experience but to provide you with the tools to incorporate these principles back into everyday life.

Yoga on Deck


Stress is one of the major causes in the decline of our health today. Science has shown that unless we actively reduce our stress we do not reduce the surge of hormones produced in stressful situations. Living life in fight or flight mode means stress hormones like Cortisol remain in circulation thus trapping us in our Sympathetic nervous system. Not only is this detrimental to our physical and mental health it’s also a main cause of premature ageing. Yoga is an ancient tool used to quieten the mind and care for the body. By incorporating breath led movement sequences and poses specifically designed to open we prepare the body to meditate. A Dynamic Vinyasa Flow practice will begin your day, activating our fire element, increasing motivation and placing us right in the present moment. A deeply restorative Yin practice will bring your day to a close, with an opportunity to delve deeper into reducing tension with mio-facial release and observe your thoughts in this profound, disciplined practice.
Breath led movement meditation gives us an opportunity to ground in the here and now, shifting the mind from the past or future. Expect to experience better sleeping patterns, efficient digestion, ease in body and mind and reduced signs of ageing from the inside out

untitled shoot-082.jpg


The importance of weight bearing exercise has become more apparent. By compressing our joints with our own body weight we will stimulate bone development, increasing bone density and strengthening our inner framework. Using high intensity, low impact exercises we will work to sculpt and tone the physical form. With all exercises focused on lengthening and strengthening, we will be fine tuning to achieve longer, leaner muscles. Conditioning exercises will be weaved into your morning Vinyasa Flow practice with an opportunity to drop into Tone classes later in the day to focus on arms, legs, abdominals and seat.




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