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BSc Dip Naturopathic Nutritionist, Yoga, Transformational coach &  Breathwork facilitator


Restore, Revive, Reboot for weight loss with a smile.


Are you ready for Transformation?  Immersive  walks, fitness programs, restorative practice and locally  sourced plant based meals to help you master your health. 

 Everyone is welcome.


 DATES 2022

23rd-30th July 2022 - SOLD OUT

 3rd-10th September  2022

15th October- 22nd October 2022

22nd-29th October 2022

Starvation is not a long term solution to weight loss.


Set in the beautiful Corbieres our luxurious retreat offer guests the opportunity to shed excess weight and gently boost their strength and fitness with low impact exercise, walks through nature and  historic villages,  yoga, rebounding,  personal training,  Qi gong, tai chi,  massage,  wild swimming  and ice baths.

Our nutritionist and chef work together to ensure you have a rich balanced diet to kick start your immune system and detoxification while ensuring they provide you with a delicious plant based menu. We have mastered a menu that is nutritionally balanced and beautifully prepared, and provide tailor made nutritional support and guidance to support you in your journey to detoxify physically and mentally. 

We will bust the myths around intermittent fasting,  protein, liver support and hormone health. We will show and share recipes and provide you with the information to prepare quick easy food to continue your path to wellness. 

Nothing is too much trouble and variety is key so everyone is catered for, but it is all about  mastering your health.  Some  of your favourites won't be available, like coffee, alcohol, gluten, sugar and dairy, simply because this week we are committed to providing what is best for you. This 7 day program is a no option vacation that leaves you with lasting benefits and is limited to 8 guests to ensure we can adjust your program to meet your needs.

Nicola will share her passion for the region to ensure you also fall in love with the Corbieres, when she and trusty companion Baxter guide you on daily walks and river swims for those who are brave! 

Designed to leave you feeling lighter with improved digestion, sleep, mood and outlook, reduce age related ailments, and revive your energy.


Your week includes;

  • Wild swimming 

  • Ice baths

  • Walking 2-3 hours daily

  • Rebounding 

  • Restorative Yoga & Meditation

  • Fitness training 

  • Talks & evening sessions.

  • Qi Gong & Breathwork 

  • 3 Massages ( Restorative, Tuina or Shiatsu)

  • Nutritional consultation (extra)

  • Nutritious vegetarian meals

  • Accommodation

  • Pre weekend questionnaire

  • Probiotics & digestive enzymes

Meet the family

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Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

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Having always been an advocate of health I unexpectedly found myself facing a life compromising illness in my early 30's with two young children to raise. With a background in Pharmacology and Physiology I knew that the body was capable of healing itself and I embarked on a journey to restore my health. Expanding my studies to include Naturopathic Nutrition, Yoga and Breathwork I was inspired to educate others on the impact of diet and stress in our busy lives. I am passionate about health and the ability to reverse illness through nourishing the body and enabling others to live an energetic and vibrant life.



 Walking Guide.

Meet the untold beauty of the corbieres and its ancients vistas whilst walking with Nicola and Baxter. This is Frances Cathar country - brimming with ancient history and religious tales, castles and rolling vines. And untouched for centuries it will work it's magic on you. You won't want to leave.



 Fitness Coach 

I left Australia for London to pursue my dream of being a professional rugby league player. After a very successful top flight career that spanned 4 countries and 21 years I settled in France and started my coaching career. I now use all the experience and lessons learned in the professional sporting arena to help my clients achieve their goals no matter age, weight or fitness level

BSc,  Dip Naturopathic Nutrition, Yoga & Breathwork facilitator 


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80% of the feel good transmitter, Serotonin is made in out digestive tract. We can improve our mood by what we eat. Furthermore we can scientifically link our  western diet to illness such as autoimmune issues, cancer, anxiety and depression. 

 We work with seasonal, fresh, plant based foods and a wheat, sugar and dairy free menu that is both anti inflammatory, delicious and packed with essential micro and macro nutrients to maximise your vitality, energy levels and wellness. Recipes and nutritional information will be provided so you can recreate dishes at home in order to continue your wellness journey.

Our ethos is to support you with sustainable change.



  Hiking in nature not only supports your weight loss journey through movement but also reduces stress hormones so your body feels safe to let go of stored fat.   Immersing yourself in nature is one of the most effective ways of reducing inflammation and stress. Nicola and Baxter will infect you with their love of the area on your morning walks.


Living life in fight or flight mode means stress hormones like Cortisol remain in circulation thus trapping us in our Sympathetic nervous system. Not only is this detrimental to our physical and mental health it’s also a main cause of premature ageing.


We start the day with rebounding. It  is a simple way to move and release the lymph and toxins in the lymphatic system.  Yoga, breath work and meditation are ancient tools used to quieten the mind and care for the body. By incorporating breath led movement sequences and poses specifically designed to open we prepare the body to meditate reducing stress hormones. 

Later in the afternoon you will enjoy massage to work on any areas that are of concern but to re enforce your body that it is safe, iumprove digestion and lower the stress hormones. 

xxx will lead us through a guided 60 minute breathwork session, xxx, a magical yoga  teacher will take us on a yoga journey from Yin and xxx 

will share his Eastern philosophy with a 90 minute Tai Chi / Qi Gong practice. 

We use this time in the mornings to come into our body before we start the day. This brings the body into a Parasympathetic state to remove the stress or fight or flight and allows us to start the day being Mindful and with purpose.


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bridget +447976242877 or  Nicola +33623889544

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